Ray White Commercial Auckland Directors target ‘Nike swoosh’ growth

Ray White Commercial Auckland Director Gower Buchanan.

WITH decades of property experience between them, Ray White stalwart Gower Buchanan and newly appointed Mike Hoeft have joined as Directors of Ray White Commercial Auckland, with grand plans for sustained growth beyond the immediate impacts of COVID-19.

“I’ve been in the commercial property market for over 15 years now, both here and overseas. I’ve largely worked for corporates, and most recently in development work, before deciding to set up my own commercial property consultancy business in late 2019,” Mr Hoeft said.

“Consulting naturally compliments brokerage work and I knew I needed to align myself with a trusted and credible brand. Ray White ticked all the boxes.

“With over 50 commercial offices throughout Australasia, and 118 years of history behind them, the scalability and resources available at Ray White means we’re well-positioned to offer clients an optimum service.

“I’ll be working across all asset types in both a sales and leasing capacity with a tendency to focus on more complex and sizeable transactions.

“I’ve been a client on the other side, and I know we have a terrific opportunity here to focus on our clients and provide top-quality strategic real estate advice, that leverages off of the full Ray White network.”

Ray White Commercial Auckland Director Gower Buchanan, who has been with the family-owned and led group since 2010, said an integrated approach was needed going forward.

“When you look at the Ray White Damerell Group, we have 120 people in that business based between Ponsonby, Birkenhead and Mt Albert” Mr Buchanan said.

“The future of real estate needs to be a deeply integrated approach between all facets, including residential, commercial, Loan Market, body corporate and property management.

“Ray White City Apartments have around 55 per cent market share and we’re pushing the 30 per cent mark, but what we’re hearing from our customers is them asking questions about these other services, so it was a natural next step for me to become a partner in commercial.

Ray White Commercial Auckland Director Mike Hoeft.

“I’m very grateful that the Horrobin family were willing to support my ambition.

“Ray White as a brand is growing so successfully in Auckland, New Zealand and beyond, so the opportunity for Ray White Commercial is huge.

“We have the unique ability to utilize the Damerell Group infrastructure and learn from and collaborate with the great salespeople and directors already in place.”

Both Mr Hoeft and Mr Buchanan agreed a post-restriction world would be very different – but it was one they were well prepared to assist clients with.

“We’re empathetic to people’s current situations and simply want to offer the best possible service no matter what the circumstance,” Mr Hoeft said.

“Deals are continuing despite COVID-19 and there are plenty of opportunities for both landlords and tenants. The relationships we build upon now will stay with us forever off the back of quality service.

“We also believe continuing to strengthen ties with our Australian colleagues will serve our clients well as we see increased levels of cross-border activity.

“We’re here to help guide clients through transactions and are optimistic that brokerage activity will follow a ‘Nike swoosh‘ trajectory for the foreseeable future.”

“There’s a real confidence in Auckland this COVID-19 experience has been a nation-building exercise where we’ve been able to come together and save lives,” Mr Buchanan said.

“Yes, the economy has taken a hit, but I really believe this will deliver the confidence to big business that this country can do anything we put our minds to in the future.

“I expect larger infrastructure projects to get the green light further down the track as we make a commitment to ensuring Auckland is an even bigger and better place to live.”

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